We supply and install pumps and accessories for borewells.

A borewell system provides water from the ground and can be used for  domestic and livestock use as long as it has been tested and the appropriate measures have been taken. These may include filters, U.V lamp, water softneres or chemicals dosed into your system.

You can use borewell water straight from the well if you are using it for the sole purpose of washing down.


These systems include a pump, vessel, control panel and a pressure switch if using directly. Filling a storage tank you can use a float switch or ballcock to control the flow into the tank.


Dirty water pump

We Supply and install water transfer pumps for effluent, milking parlour pits and dirty water irrigators.


We can supply a range of pumps to suit the needs of our customers. From single phase to three phase pumps. They can be a simple pump with a float already attached to a system with a control panel that allows the filling of a tank. 

WashDown & Drinker Systems

We can supply and install pumps and equipment for washing down yards, milking parlours and drinker.

These systems are tailored for the individual farm. This will include the size of the holding tank, the pump that is required and the pipework to your washdown or drinker points. 

The system can produce up to 6 bar of pressure to the hose  and a variety spray nozzles will produce a different spray patteren to insure customer satisfaction.

The drinker system will provide a constant supply of water to the troughs. These systems can have filters for small particules of debris up to 200 micron and a UV lamp if there is bacteria in the water.

If you have collected rain water then you would need to get the water treated as this can cause infections in livestock 

A.F Pump Services

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